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Warmest greetings!
I am Kwon, Hyoung Tack, the CEO of the Korea Housing and Urban Guarantee Corporation or HUG.
I would like to truly welcome you to HUGs website.
Kwon, Hyoung Tack
CEO of Korea Housing & Urban Guarantee Corporation

As the sole housing guarantee provider of Korea, HUG has contributed to the people's residential stability by providing guarantee services to 12.13 million housing units, totaling 1,138 trillion KRW (approx. *1.029 trillion USD) over the span of three decades. Through the Guarantee for Housing Completion system covering the entire housing development and construction process, HUG has supported the smooth progress of housing development projects, the housing market stability, and the government policies. (*$1 = \1,150)

Building on its history of helping people realize their dream of homeownership and the priceless experience of serving as a reliable partner of housing developers, HUG was officially relaunched in July 2015 as a state-owned corporation dedicated to the management of the National Housing and Urban Fund (NHUF) in accordance with the National Housing and Urban Fund Act. HUG has managed 163 trillion KRW (approx. *142 billion USD) of the NHUF and offered financial supports for the urban regeneration projects since its inception.

As a trusted housing, urban, and finance corporation with 6.7 trillion KRW (approx. *5.83 billion USD) in asset and 5.8 trillion KRW (approx. *5.04 billion USD) in cash flow, we do our utmost to make housing more affordable and reliable for the citizens by extending guarantee services tailored for each stage of the lifecycle and income level, and financial support with the resources from the NHUF. HUG will continue to promote urban regeneration collaboratively with the government and the public and private organizations in order to realize innovative social values.

Thank you.