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for a better tomorrow
  • 2019
    1. 01Won the prize in the category of Housing Welfare and Urban Regeneration of 2019 Best Brand Selected by Consumers
    2. 03HUG signed Cheonan City Urban Renewal Service Agreement
    3. 04HUG opened Emergency Housing Support Center for Refugees from Gangwon Forest Fire
    4. 07MOU with Indonesia's SMF
  • 2018
    1. 03HUG obtained S grade from the customer satisfaction survey with the public organization, ranking first in the financial sector
    2. 06Opened finance support center for social rental housing
    3. 08Acquired the highest grade of corporate credit rating (AAA) (7 consecutive years)
    4. 10Established Southern Urban Finance Center Proclaimed VISION 2028;
  • 2017
    1. 08Acquired the highest grade (AAA) corporate credit rating(6 consecutive years)
    2. Launched research institute for housing and urban finance
    3. 10Awarded 2017 grand award for labor-management culture
    4. 12Awarded prize for internal audit innovation at 2017 Korean auditor competition
    5. Awarded 2017 grand award for labor-management culture(Minister of employment and labor award)
    6. Awarded Minister of women and family for excellence in the work-labor balance
  • 2016
    1. 02Rated S level at ’15 customer satisfaction of public organization
    2. 03Launched Beotim-mok Jeonse Loan
    3. 12Launched ‘HUG-i’, a housing guide application
  • 2015
    1. 04Launched the NHUF Business Division (4 divisions, 14 departments, 4 finance centers, 12 branches, 5 claims management centers)
    2. 07Reconstituted as Korea Housing & Urban Guarantee Corporation (under National Housing and Urban Fund Act)
  • 2014
    1. 02Designated as the exclusive institution for the operation of National Housing and Urban Fund
    2. 04Launched the entrusted business of financing rental housing REITs
    3. Launched the guarantee for standard PF loan
    4. 08Acquired the highest grade (AAA) of the NICE corporate credit rating (for three years in a row)
    5. 12Relocated the head office (to BIFC in Munhyeon Innovative City, Busan)
  • 2013
    1. 10Launched the entrusted business of profit (loss) sharing mortgage program
  • 2012
    1. 07Launched the entrusted business for financing housing remodeling loans Launched the guarantee for PF securitization and the guarantee for housing payment bond securitization
  • 2010
    1. 04Launched the entrusted business for financing housing redevelopment project loans
  • 2004
    1. 12Launched the guarantee for housing project finance (PF)
  • 1996
    1. 06Converted into Korea Housing Guarantee Co. Ltd. (848 billion KRW in capital)
  • 1993
    1. 04Launched 14 guarantees including the guarantee for housing completion and loan provision Established as Housing Business Financial Cooperative (Housing Construction Promotion Act)