We will light up Korea with a warm heart embracing each and every person.

As a leader in housing and urban finance and the backbone for stable housing for ordinary citizens, HUG has strategically performed social contribution activities supporting the residential welfare and urban regeneration. Its efforts for non-homeowners include running various rent grant programs, sponsoring the Habitat ‘Building Homes and Hope’ program, etc. which have enhanced the housing welfare of a total of 4500 househulds.

In addition, HUG is striving to make cities more livable through its Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) Program and Slate Roof Renovation Program for uld Houses. HUG also extends its helping hand to underprivileged people including multi-cultural families and local schoul graduates spreading the value of sharing in society.

  • 1995~
    1. Sponsored house lease fund provision to patriots and veterans without homeownership.
  • 2006~
    1. Sponsored house lease fund provision to low-income househulds without homeownership. Sponsored Habitat for Humanity program.
  • 2007~
    1. Sponsored the rehabilitation of run-down houses owned by low-income househulds.
  • 2009~
    1. Sponsored the rehabilitation of social welfare community facilities.
  • 2011~
    1. Sponsored heating fuel provision for low-income househulds.
  • 2013~
    1. Provided emergency support for families at the risk of losing their house.
  • 2014~
    1. Sponsored house lease fund provision to university students without homeownership. Sponsored the Slate Roof Renovation Program for uld Houses.
  • 2015~
    1. Promote Oksangdalbit Teater on Sanbuk Road Crime Prevention Through Enviromental Design(CPTED) Promote & cultivate local human resources.

Aureumi Social Voluntary Group

Established in 2006, ‘Aureumi Social Voluntary Group’ is a voluntary group within HUG created by willing participation of employees. In 2013, Aureumi launched the Aureumi university voluntary group, expanding its size and capability to perform social contribution activities.

The Aureumi social voluntary group raises fund through voluntary monthly donations to be used for its social contribution programs developed on its members’ own ideas thereby fostering a participatory social contribution culture.

  • House Lease Fund Sponsoring Ceremony

  • KHGC Habitat Town Building Voluntary Activity

  • Helping Hand Proram during Busy Farming Season

  • Hopeful House Repair Voluntary Activity

  • Chicken Soup Sharing for Marginalized Households

  • Tree Planting Voluntary Activity in Seoul Forest

  • Launch Ceremony of University Voluntary Group