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    The 8th International Forum on Housing and Urban Finance
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The 8th International Forum on Housing and Urban Guarantee Corporation (24 Nov.)




The 8th International Forum on Housing and Urban Finance was held under the theme of ‘Housing and Urban Finance in the Post-COVID Pandemic Era’ on the 24th of November in Seoul. The forum hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) and organized by Korea Housing and Urban Guarantee Corporation (HUG) and Housing Finance Foundation invited foreign officials residing in Korea, experts from financial institutions, scholarly societies, and research institutions. It was live streaming through HUG official YouTube channel (HUG TV), allowing many people to take part in this forum remotely.

Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Mr Noh Hyeong Ouk, opened the forum with his opening remarks followed by congratulatory remarks by the Chairman of the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Committee of the National Assembly, Mr Lee Hun Seung, and CEO of Housing and Urban Guarantee Corporation, Mr Kwon Hyoung Tack. In the opening ceremony, Minister Noh Hyeong Ouk said, “It is such a meaningful event, allowing us to seek directions of the housing and urban finance we will take in the ear living with COVID-19. I sincerely hope this forum serve as a venue to share issues of each country and identify solutions together.” The Chairman Lee Hun Seung of the National Assembly said in his congratulatory remarks, “Today’s forum is more critical than ever to discuss new agenda of the housing and urban finance in the post-corona era. I expect to hear insight for the development of the housing and urban finance.” CEO Kwon Hyoung Tack of HUG said, “In such a rapidly changing housing market environment due to the pandemic, we will do our utmost to stabilize the people’s housing by adopting the directions and policy ideas discussed today.”

Professor Edward Glaeser of Harvard University gave a keynote speech emphasizing the importance of cities as the greatest invention by humans, and high-tech cities like Seoul will be continually thriving despite COVID 19 and remote working conditions.

Under the topic of session 1, “Support Measures for Inclusive Housing in Response to a Changing Housing Market,” speakers gave presentations of housing supply increase, direction for the growth in homeownership, and rental housing policies. With the topic of “Changes in Housing and Urban Finance in the Post-Pandemic Era” in session 2, presentations of untact (contactless) asset securitization and financing for urban infrastructure were made. Professor Kim Kyung-Hwan of Sogang University led the 1st session panel discussion as a chair and Professor Cho Man of KDI School of Public Policy and Management as a chair of the session 2 panel discussion.

For more information on the presentations and discussion, please visit the HUF 2021 official website (www.hug.or.kr). If you would like to view the conference, please visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gEHTbsYcKo&list=PL105c-8U8uWioAPk3RJlVAl6m9E_uZ6T4(Korean) or www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hxbrdhgd7A&list=PL105c-8U8uWioAPk3RJlVAl6m9E_uZ6T4&index=2(English).




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